Monday, October 25, 2010

Paper City Project PHOTOS!

I'm so excited to finally get some pics up! Been working hard for most of the semester on this project for 3D design and spent countless hours designing, printing, cutting, folding, and gluing.. so here it is! The whole thing is made out of Epson Premium Matte Presentation Paper printed on ink jet printers.

Essentially, I designed a Mardi Gras parade consisting of four floats, each representing a vice and virtue as it applies to the season of Carnival and Lent. The first float introduces this theme with a jester/angel leading the parade. Following are the floats representing meat consumption, sex, and alcohol. All of the floats have two opposing views and the idea is to show the two sides and pose the question: is one side better than the other? or can vice and virtue be interchangeable?

the whole parade

VICE side



parade leader - half jester half angel

meat float - half carnivore half vegetarian

sexy float - half desire half abstinence

alcohol float - half booze half cleanse